Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Day Off

I always have believed that one great aspect to homeschooling is that the schedule can be changed at a whim.

Devin's parents wanted to come and get the three younger girls and let them spend a couple of nights there. Of course we always allow for any opportunities to hang out with grandparents. School work can be put on hold for a couple of days.
Of course that means I get a couple of days off from school too! Of course here I am at 10 am and still on the computer, but I fully intend to get some crafting of some sort done. I also hope to tackle a few very messy kitchen cabinets.

 We had a very busy few days with school and laundry. The laundry seems to be building up more quickly these days. I wonder if the little girls are throwing clean clothes in a dirty pile because they are too lazy to put them away. It has been known to happen. Thankfully Indiana was a helper with the washing.
We also decided a last minute impromptu party was in order! I neglected to start the dishwasher at lunch so we pulled pout the paper plates, whipped up some homemade pizza, and ran out to fetch a Redbox rental and some root beer float supplies. Party!

 My beginner crochet skills are slowly taking shape. My first pair of fingerless gloves are finished and now I just need the cool weather to return so I can use them.
I enjoyed my last embroidery project so much that I have started another, smaller project.

My Birdie Stitches quilt is pieced and ready for my quilter next month. This was a really fun quilt to make and I hope that the quilt pieces sitting in my studio are as fun and inspiring to finish because I have way too many quilts needing to be finished.

 Yesterday the weather was nice enough for my bees to fly out of the hives and collect pollen. Though I have a few more hive losses.
 Some of the losses have been due to a raccoon tearing into the hives.
Here you can see where a coon has clawed at this hive body in attempts to knock it down. This hive will most likely not survive.

Despite the losses, I still have many survivors and expect this bee season to be a great one. If you are local, I am offering up a Beginner Bee Keeping Course. April 14th from 10-am-2pm.

This will be a family friendly study of bee keeping for all ages.
Topics covered:
The honey bee and her products
Bee keeping equipment
Bee biology
 Honey plants in our region
Getting started in bee keeping
Diseases and pests
Honey Extraction and processing
Spring, summer and fall management

Please bring your own lunch.
Class INCLUDES copy of Kim Flottum's book "Backyard Bee Keeping"

Cost: $30 per family. Non-refundable deposit of $15 due by March 17th. Full payment due by day of class.This class will be outdoors,dress accordingly! I reserve the right to reschedule class date based on weather conditions. Space is limited. 

If you are interested you may contact me at

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. I wish I could come to your beginners bee keeping course, I've always wanted to keep bees but unfortunately I live much , much too far away so I'll have to find something a bit more near to me! Good luck with the course sounds like a fantastic idea.
    By the way you aren't the only one who has little girls throwing clean laundry in the washing pile, it's so annoying!!!

    1. Glad to know my girls are not the only ones wasting clean clothes!

      I am excited about the Bee Class as it is filling up!

      How have you been feeling? Morning sickness?


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